Custom WooCommerce Cart Button

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Add a custom cart button for WooCommerce and  boost you sales helping  your customers checkout proces.

  • Custom Cart Icon
  • Custom Cart positioning
  • Automatically show cart on add to cart
  • Customized Color Scheme
  • Chosen display between amount or/and number of items
  • Choose to hide if empty
  • and more
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Do you need a customized WooCommerce Cart Icon and positioning of the Cart Content ?

Speed up your Checkout Process with a nice placed and customized cart icon and content

The Plugin extends WooCommerce and allows you to use cart fontawesome icon, change the color of the icon, position of cart icon and content , choose custom image.
Customly position Cart Icon and Cart Content to your website needs – use cart as a popup left,right or centered, add it as a WordPress Menu Item or place it anywhere via shortcode.
Customize the cart icon and content colors based on your needs.

Custom Cart Button / Icon for WooCommerce Features

Select Icon for Cart to show

You can select between

  • 3 fontawesome relative icons for cart or
  • custom icon / image you upload

Select Position of Cart Icon on the front of your website

You can select between

  • positioning fixed bottom left – right, top right – left
  • adding customly via shortcode
  • adding in a WordPress Menu

Select Position of Cart Contents on your website

You can select between 3 positioning fixed

  • slided from the left
  • slided from right
  • as a popup centered

Select Cart view

You can select along with the icon to display

  • Total Amount
  • Total Number of Items
  • Both Amount and Number of Items
  • Hide those and show only Cart icon

Customize Cart Color Scheme

You can select to change colors of

  • cart icon (if not image selected)
  • cart content
  • cart links
  • cart buttons

custom cart woocomemrce color scheme

Automatically Show Cart

You can select to auto open cart once a user is adding a product to the cart via plugin options

Hide Empty Cart

You can select to hide cart icon if cart is empty via plugin options

Hide Cart on Mobile

You can select whether to hide or display cart icon on mobile via plugin options


100% No-risk Money Back Guarantee!

If the plugin doesn't meet your requirements, you can get a refund within 14 days of purchase.

Get it Now

1) Install the plugin zip file via Plugins / Install New / Upload
2) Go to Settings Page: WooCommerce / Custom Cart
3) View the result in your frontend of your website

version 1.1

  • add hpos compatibility check