Virtual Try On Showroom for WordPress Products

Feb 20

A try before you buy WordPress Plugin for your customers to check your products virtually! Increase your Sales Now! You may expose your wordpress woocommerce products pictures to users so they can test the products virtually. How? With a try before you buy feature that Product Virtual Showroom gives you! Imagine you run a furniture […]

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WordPress Integration with Social Media – Gallery for WordPress Site!

May 28

Integrate Facebook Gallery for WordPress from your Facebook Page on the Fly!   GET IT FROM WORDPRESS   INSTRUCTIONS   ¬†Add your Page ID in the Settings Page. Use the shortcode [wpfbint_gallery] in any page or widget you like. On the Fly you have a Gallery of your Latest Timeline Pictures. Get plugin Here Display […]

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Product Import Export for Woocommerce with Excel

May 20

Import & Export Woocommerce Simple Products in WordPress with Excel File on the Fly! Data mapping by drag and drop excel columns to product attributes. Import & Update easily! The form is submitted through AJAX, so there is no page reloading. Export Existing Simple Product with their fields to either keep your record or Update […]

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