Content Importer for WordPress & WooCommerce with Excel

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Migrating from another platform and you want to import your content Fast and Easy? Bulk Import Content in Wordpress – Woocommerce Eshop Fast And Easy with Content Excel Importer!
Bulk Import Content with Excel
Bulk Update Content with Excel
Bulk Delete Content from Excel
Bulk Import Taxonomy Terms with Excel
Bulk Delete Taxonomy Termsfrom Excel
Drag & Drop functionality & Ajax powered!
ACF Custom Fields Support
YOAST SEO Meta Fields Support
Easy to Use with Drag and Drop feature!
WPML post type translations support
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6 months (48 hours SLA)


6 months


Migrating from another platform and you want to add your content Fast and Easy?

You have numerous blog posts, you run Woocommerce and you want to add multiple products on the fly? 

Manage your WordPress – Woocommerce Eshop Fast And Easy with Content Excel Importer PRO!

Data mapping from Excel Columns!

Simple drag and drop of excel columns with the data to import to product attributes.

The form is submitted through AJAX, so there is no page reloading.


ACF Custom Fields Supported!

We now provide support for Advanced Custom Fields and other plugin’s post meta fields.
The only prerequisite – you already published a product with fields from ACF or other Similar plugin, so the entry of this field exists in the database.

acf custom fields in product import with excel

Import/Update Yoast SEO Meta Data

If you are using Yoast Seo plugin , you can now easily import/update/export Yoast Seo Title, Yoast Seo Description , Yoast Seo Focus Keyword as long as the plugin is installed & active

yoast seo plugin import title description with excel


Is your Eshop Multilingual? Now you can import Product Translations easily with the power of Excel. You just need to define the Initial Title and the correct language code for the translation.

import wpml translation with woocommerce product excel importer

Import Unlimited Pages, Posts, Products with Excel.

Import on the fly your content with excel file

Supported Fields

Title, Autho, Date, Slug, Description (HTML allowed), EXTRA POST FIELDS Short Description – Excerpt (HTML allowed), Categories/Tag , EXTRA PRODUCT FIELDS (Product Category, Product Tags, Weight, SKU, Regular Price, Sale Price, Stock)

Multilingual Import
The plugin is compatible with WPML, QTranslate and Polylang

Now you can import POST TYPE Translations easily with the power of Excel. You just need to define the Initial Title and the correct language code for the translation.


Import Featured Image

Import Any Custom Post Type

Import Any Custom Taxonomy

Update Simple and Variable Products with Excel.

Importing Multiple Attributes and Variations is supported.

NEW! Import Simple Products with Attributes faster

Now you can import each simple product with multiple attributes faster as each product needs only one row and attribute values will be imported comma separated for each attribute

Import Product Categories with Excel.

Importing Multiple category terms made easy with the use of an excel file.

Delete Content with Excel.

Deleting Content or Any Category / Custom Taxonomy Terms.

Import Product Images

Import images to attach on your Products.

You can either Import from Locally and refer to the image name in your Excel or

Import images from any URL!

NEW! Product Image Gallery

Now you can also unlimited images in the Product Gallery, giving the Image URL in an excel cell for each product. You can also import multiple by inserting multiple urls’ comma separated!

NEW! Downloadable Product

Now you can define if product is downloadable, its name, file url, file limit to download and expiry date!

NEW! Category Description HTML

When importing category terms, along with the term you add description for this term, HTML is now supported


100% No-risk Money Back Guarantee!

If the plugin doesn't meet your requirements, you can get a refund within 14 days of purchase.

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A) Upload Images Via URL along with Product creation

Insert in a column the image URL address eg.

B) Upload multiple images manually to your Media Library independently from product creation

  • Include the Name of an existing image in an Excel Column
  • Map the column of the data to Image Field and image will be attached to product.

The 2nd approach is useful if you have the images stored locally in a folder and you have the list of image names along with product names.

Importing Products means 3 options:

1) Simple Products with NO Atrributes - 1 product (defined by unique title) per Excel row. Only one needed in the excel file.

2) Simple Products with Atrributes (eg color) NO Variations - 1 Row per product Attribute (title of product is the same) for Each Attribute. You need to click the checkbox "Create only attributes" while data mapping.

3) Variable Products with Atrributes (eg color) - 1 Row per product variation (title of product is the same) for Each Variation. You dont't click the checkbox "Create only attributes" while data mapping.

1. Upload the plugin files to the `/wp-content/plugins` directory and unzip, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
3. Use the Woocommerce Importer Menu Link or Settings link on plugins page to use the plugin.
4. Upload your excel file (there is a link for a sample excel file) and proceed to data mapping and creating your products.
Yes, insert the relevant taf for an excel field for title or description like in the example: [:en]Title[:][:el]Τίτλος[:]
Yes, insert a new row for each translation, mention the language code and in the Map a field for the translated title with " Translation Of " taxonomy
Insert the ID of a prexisting author in wordpress.

To import Products check here

Version 3.9 - 08-01-22

  • YOAST SEO meta fields import/export support

Version 3.8 -16-06-2021

  • Replace PHPExcel Library with PHPSpreadsheet

Version 3.7 -02-01-2021

  • Fix compatibility with Polylang during import
  • check compatibility wp

Version 3.6 - 29/11-2020

  • removal of "uncategorized" category on post import if other category is selected

Version 3.5 - 18/11-2020

  • bug fixed on post type delete

Version 3.4 - 17/10-2020

  • WPML post type translations support reworked
  • WPML -- translation - identify initial post ID or TITLE

Version 3.3 - 09/10-2020

  • WPML post type translations support


Version 3.1 - 13-08-2020

  • Fix compatibility with wp 5.5 javascript for import


Version 3.0 19-04-2019

  • Big Fixes
  • WP Compatibility check 5.1.1


Version 2.0 01-11-2018

  • Extra fields for import
  • Bug fixes

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