Advanced WooCommerce Reporting & Statistics

Advanced Reporting & Statistics Plugin for WooCommerce

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A comprehensive Advanced WooCommerce Reporting Analytics Forecasting and Statistics Tool for Woocommerce Orders, Product Sales Report, Products, Countries, Payment Gateways Shipping, Tax, Refunds, Top Products

Here’s how the plugin works:

Activate Advanced WooCommerce Reporting plugin

Visit Woocommerce / Reporting & Statistics link

View All Orders, Customers, Countries, Payment Methods



Advanced WooCommerce Reporting Orders Sales Report

Customers Sales Report

Countries Sales Report

Payment Gateway Report

Product Sales Report

Category Sales Report


Total Sales grouped by Year

Total Sales grouped by Month

Search and Get Reports for Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, Last 2 Months

Next Month’s Sales Forecating

Visual Reports – Pie & Bar Charts

Nice Display with Graphs, Barts & Pie Charts for display the reports where applicable.

100% Responsive

The plugin will perfectly display properly in all devices as it is fully responsive.

Advanced WooCommerce Reporting PRO VERSION FEATURES

Get Advanced Woocommerce Reporting and Statistics PRO

Woocommerce Advanced Reporting and Statistics PRO

Next Month’s Forecast

Get a forecast of Sales based on Previous Data. You can get forecast for All Sales, Per Category, Per Product.

Search by Dates

You can Search by Year, Month, more predefined Date Periods, Customly defined specific period from to, by Product & by Category.

Search by Product/Category

You can shortlist and get reports by Product & by Category.

Low Stock Reporting

Visit the Stock Management tab to get a detailed report about product that are low in stock.
In the same tab you will find Low Stock Reminder Report for products low in stock that actually sell!!

Search – Sort Lists

Search within the retrieved results easily with input field.

Email Report

You can define in the plugin’s settings to get email on a Weekly or Monthly basis.
The email includes This Month’s , This Week’s Report & Low Stock Management Report.

Reporting Saving – EXCEL

You can easily export and save reports in xlsx format for further analysis.

Get Advanced Woocommerce Reporting and Statistics PRO

Woocommerce Advanced Reporting and Statistics PRO