Boost Your Sales Virtual Try on Showroom WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress

Virtual Try on Showroom WooCommerce Plugin – Boost Your Sales!

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Virtual Try on Showroom WooCommerce Plugin – Boost Your Sales!

Make the virtual world work wonders for your website and e-shop! Get it Here

Are you a small to middle-sized business owner or run your own e-shop, in search of the best marketing tool to increase your sales? Or maybe you are a web designer, opting for the most suitable plugins that will add value to your work. Virtual Try on Showroom WooCommerce Plugin works on both! Increase your ROI, testing the products of your website and deciding which of them have the most positive impact on your digital presence. And let your customers do the exact same thing!

Easy to use, up-to-date with the latest advances in web design, this plugin can be installed and be ready to optimize merchandise within minutes. Upload, customize and take a screenshot. That’s about it!

The plugin is ideal for all kinds of businesses and e-shops, such as furniture stores, clothing and accessories, lighting fixtures, stores selling eyeglasses and much more. You do not have to be tech savvy, in order to get the hang of its function. In a few simple steps, you are ready to go. See below how it works:

  • Upload the image you wish to use
  • Click on the image of the product you are interested in testing
  • The image will be transferred to the showroom, where it can be fully customized as per your needs & preferences
  • Take a screenshot

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Plugin Features

  • Customer Interactive Guide: Learn how to use Virtual Try on Showroom WooCommerce Plugin in a few simple steps, through the use of an easily comprehensive, interactive guide.
  • Aesthetically Supreme Intro Screen: Customize the intro screen, so that it appeals to potential buyers. Aesthetics matter, triggering customers towards using the Showroom and experimenting with products.
  • 100% Adjustable Showroom: Each business has its own specific needs and requirements. So the Showroom is fully customizable, tailor made to fit the market demands in each industry. Plus, the looks can match your E-shop for the optimal aesthetic outcome.
  • Add to Cart: When using the Showroom, the customer can add to cart products without delay. This makes it easier for the order to complete, maximizing ROI and increasing revenue. Optimal User Experience = Sales Boost!
  • Multiple Products Testing: Rather than only using a single product, Showroom allows you to test simultaneously as many products as you want and get a more realistic approach. More tested products may also boost sales as combos!
  • Screenshot: Give your potential buyer the chance to decide later as to whether or not to complete the order. With the use of Screenshot feature, no problem! And what is more, a user might send over the tested products to others for a better insight.
  • Customer Search: The search feature allows customers to filter through products, in order to find exactly what they have been looking for. Browsing through the products and experimenting with the ones that match your criteria has never been easier.
  • Promoted Product Selection: If you do not want to promote all the products from your website, you can choose which ones to feature within the Showroom. So freedom of choice for the customers is only limited by what you wish to promote each time.
  • 3D Rotation: The more realistic the image illustrated, the better the chances of sales. Therefore, 3D rotation is an invaluable feature allowing much more detailed representations of products. Plus, every product may be rotated and moved around properly, so as to fit the space 100%.
  • Image Field for Showroom: More often than not, e-shops and businesses in general use images with special background. For Showroom, no replacement is required! You can still use them for aesthetic purposes and just upload no-background images for Showroom use only!
  • Translation – Ready: Virtual Try on Showroom WooCommerce Plugin has been translated in English and Greek. However, it is translation-ready covering the needs of global market.

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