WordPress Product Import Export with Excel for WooCommerce

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Product Import WooCommerce – Import Simple & Variable WooCommerce Products with Excel Easily! No more hassle with Csv’s!

  • Bulk Product Upload / Update /Export / Delete with Excel for Simple, Variable & Subscription Products
  • Support Product Import – Update with Images!
  • Support Product Import – Update with Product Gallery
  • NEW – import/export affiliate/external products
  • ACF Custom Fields Support
  • Easy to Use with Drag and Drop feature!
  • Update by SKU, ID or TITLE
  • Automap excel to product fields & avoid repetition!
  • WPML product translations support
  • Control User access to plugin
  • free version of product import with excel in WordPress.org
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6 months (48 hours SLA)


6 months

Minimum PHP Version



Aren’t you petrified of writing down all products one by one? Luckily for you, those days are long gone!

Product Import for WooCommerce with Excel for WooCommerce lets you manage your Eshop Easily – no more CSV problems!

This Ajax driven plugin is very easy to use. All your product data to import along with Images will be implemented on the spot, without any delay or inaccuracy. Import, update, export and delete anything right away. And WooCommerce Product Excel Importer Exporter PRO is not only valid for titles, prices and descriptions, but also images and the rest product data to use along with your e-shop products.



Import/Update Product Import for Simple, Variable, External & Subscription Products with Images!

Instead of uploading products individually, with this plugin you have the opportunity to upload UNLIMITED products at a single time. You can upload simple products or variables, along with product attributes and their features Image & Product Gallery. You can also Update existing products by ID, SKU or TITLE.


Product Export in Excel for WooCommerce

If you want to keep records of the products you have imported, there is no reason to worry. You can easily export Simple and Variable and Subscription Products with all Supported Fields, even Images URL’s. Backup has never been easier & you also get the appropriate Format of Excel for later Updating Existing Products easily!


Data mapping from Excel Columns!

What could be easier than drag and drop of data? Rather than figuring out how to import the info on Excel columns, drag and drop what you want to upload. As simple as that!

The form is submitted through AJAX, so there is no page reloading.


Handle Unlimited Products with Ease!

Our script runs on the background with Ajax technology and is all well optimized to run forever! No more Server or PHP timeouts. You can therefore import and update as many products you want with no issues!

Supported Fields

There is great flexibility, in terms of the supported fields of WooCommerce Product Excel Importer Exporter PRO. Besides the Title, Content & Excerpt, you can also import Status, Author ID, Slug, Product Categories and Tags, Custom Taxonomies like brands, SKU and Weight, Regular and Discounted prices, Stock available, Dimensions (width, length, height) , Downloadable, Virtual, Featured Image, Product Gallery, Upsell IDS, Crossell IDS, Purchase Note, Variation Description, Product Attributes. The latter includes colors, sizes etc. Lately supporting WooCommerce Subscription Products all relevant subscription fields are available.


ACF Custom Fields Supported!

We now provide support for Advanced Custom Fields and other plugin’s post meta fields.
The only prerequisite – you already published a product with fields from ACF or other Similar plugin, so the entry of this field exists in the database.

acf custom fields in product import with excel


Is your Eshop Multilingual? Now you can import Product Translations easily with the power of Excel. You just need to define the Initial Title and the correct language code for the translation.

import wpml translation with woocommerce product excel importer

More Features

NEW – Import/Update Subscription Products

If you are offering subscription products or services based on the popular WooCommerce Subscription plugin, you can now easily do this with Product Import Export with Excel . We will also provide sample excel files for both Simple and Variable Subscriptions

NEW- Import Variable Product with 1 excel row!

If your product variations share same data (price,image,stock etc) you can just import using attribute values comma separated and make process super fast! more info here

Affiliate / External Products

You can now import and export Affiliate / External products – this means you also import _product_url and _button_text field for the product ( and export ) and product is assigned as external/affiliate

Choose attributes Variations

If importing Variable products you can choose which attribute will be used for your Product Variations, as simple as checking a checkbox! more info here

Update by SKU

You can now update by SKU, ID, or TITLE – updating by SKU is a new valuable feature, many times requested by business owners

Product Import WooCommerce Categories

In a similar pattern, you are able to import multiple product categories and subcategories. This allows you to complete your work a lot quicker, without missing out on important stuff such as e-shop categories.

Delete Feature

Just like you can import multiple categories & products, you can delete them as well. You can delete Products by ID or Product Title. Even if you can do it using WordPress on its own, why not take full advantage of the plugin and complete your work in one place?

Product Import with Images

Superb flexibility here also! You can import the product images locally or choose to import them from any URL. Last but not least, you are free to refer to the image name from your Excel sheet. Either way, being able to import product images to accompany the descriptions is a huge relief.

Automap excel cells while import & avoid repetition

You can automap the fields of excel to product fields to avoid repetition while import. Prerequisite for this is excel column lables to follow WordPress & WooCommerce naming Convention. You may also find example excel file.

Extra Feature

Now here is another cool feature from WooCommerce Product Excel Importer Exporter PRO. When you select any given subcategory, you instantly select parent categories for the specific product by default. This helps you out stay on track with your e-shop inventory, for sure!

Product Import Image Gallery

Do you want to create an image gallery for each product? Now you can do that! You can upload unlimited product images and identify each URL, copy and paste it to individual Excel cells for your convenience. Alternatively, multiple URLs may be separated using a comma.

Downloadable Product Feature

Last but definitely not least, this feature allows you to identify each product as downloadable or not. You may also identify its name and file URL, download limitations and even expiration dates.


100% No-risk Money Back Guarantee!

If the plugin doesn't meet your requirements, you can get a refund within 14 days of purchase.

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Product Excel Importer Exporter Documentation

Handle Images

A) Upload Images Via URL along with Product creationInsert in a column the image URL address eg. example.com/image.png

B) Upload multiple images manually to your Media Library independently from product creation

  • Include the Name of an existing image in an Excel Column
  • Map the column of the data to Image Field and image will be attached to product.

The 2nd approach is useful if you have the images stored locally in a folder and you have the list of image names along with product names.

Simple VS Variable Products

Importing Products means 3 options:

1) Simple Products with NO Atrributes - 1 product (defined by unique title) per Excel row. Only one needed in the excel file.

2) Simple Products with Atrributes (eg color) NO Variations - 1 Row per product Attribute (title of product is the same) for Each Attribute. You need to click the checkbox "Create only attributes" while data mapping.

3) Variable Products with Atrributes (eg color) - 1 Row per product variation (title of product is the same) for Each Variation. You dont't click the checkbox "Create only attributes" while data mapping.

4)Variable Products with Attributes (eg color,size) comma separated from Only 1 excel row. This means the variations share the same meta data such as prices, sku, stock, dimensions, images etc .Click the checkbox "Add Variable product from 1 row with attrributes comma separated" while data mapping.

Simple Products with Attributes

Now, you can import Simple Products with multiple attributes, comma separated. This mean you need only one row for each product, one cell for each attribute, with the values comma separated. Prerequisite for this is to tick the box Create Attributes (if Any) ONLY, Not Variations

This saves time and import products much faster.

Import Simple/Variable Subscription Products

Now, you can import easily import Simple/Variable Subscription Products. This is super easy, you can just follow the sample excel files, the only basically thing you need to do is check the checkbox WooCommerce Subscriptions in mapping screen.

Import Affiliate / External Products

Now, you can import easily import External Products. This is super easy, you can just follow the sample excel file, the only basically thing you need to do is map product_url and button_text excel fields. If the product added has product URL will be auto assigned the type of External.

Attribute Selection for Variation in Variable Products

1. Upload your Excel
2. the mapping screen will appear. If your Excel file contains columnn you will map and refers to attribute Values, a checkbox will appear for each attribute.
3. If checkbox for the specific attribute is checked, this attribute will be used in Product Variation.

Add Variable Products with One Excel Row

This may apply to cases where your variations share same data for prices, stock , image , etc and you just need to add more attribute variation combination and make procerss faster.Instead of using one row per variation in Excel, you will
1) insert Only one row , a
2) add the attribute values comma separated
3) Select the checkbox "Add Variable product from 1 row with attrributes comma separated"


1. Upload the plugin files to the `/wp-content/plugins` directory and unzip, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
3. Use the Woocommerce Importer Menu Link or Settings link on plugins page to use the plugin.
4. Insert the lisence number for the first time you use the plugin.
5. Upload your excel file (there is a link for a sample excel file) and proceed to data mapping and creating your products.

backend login url

username: demo

password: demo


*not updated yet for affiliate products


Version 6.9 - 26-10-2021

  • bug fix on saving custom fields for product variation when importing new product

Version 6.8 - 01-10-2021

Version 6.7 - 14-09-2021

  • add extra field input (manual) for import/export in settings page

Version 6.6 - 06-09-2021

  • delete sale price if in excel number 0

Version 6.5 - 06-08-2021

  • add multiple downloadable files per product

Version 6.4 - 22-07-2021

  • fix bug to not delete excerpt when excel column empty
  • add functionality to import multiple download names and files for both simple and variable products

Version 6.3 - 10-06-2021

  • woocommerce cost of goods plugin compatibility added for _wc_cog_cost

Version 6.2 - 26-05-2021

  • fix export bug on simple products attributes

Version 6.1 - 17-03-2021

  • attribute visibility checkbox during import

Version 6.0 - 12-03-2021

  • on product update , append or replace product categories (use a checkbox)

Version 5.9 - 02-03-2021

  • added compatibility for custom fields generated by Product GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN) for WooCommerce

Version 5.8 - 01-02-2021

  • fix conflict with Polylang plugin during import
  • fix bug in delete function ( for versions 5.7 )

Version 5.7 - 22-01-2021

  • select user role to access the plugin in settings page

Version 5.5 - 12-12-2020

  • additional export method added

Version 5.3 - 02-12-2020

  • support for importing External  / Affiliate products
  • export of External Affiliate Products

Version 5.2 - 28/11-2020

  • bug fix on manual edit of variable products inserted with plugin for stock status - was wrongly as outofstock even if variations were in stock. fixed

Version 5.1 - 23/11-2020

  • bug fix on import variable products - sku and stock was added by last variation  - ommited

Version 5.0- 22/11-2020

  • add alternative export method (cases with issues and memory limits) - chosen in plugin settings

Version 4.9- 22/10-2020

  • bug fix on image  & product gallery import

Version 4.8- 17/10-2020

  • WPML post type translations support reworked
  • WPML -- translation - identify initial post ID or TITLE

Version 4.7 -  09/10-2020

  • WPML product translations support

Version 4.5 (7.1+ PHP VERSION) - 11-09-2020

  • ADDED function to Import Variable Products from One Row (that share same data)
  • ADDED shipping class,tax status,tax rate,stock status fields for import
  • ADDED Checkbox to Choose which attributes will be used in Variations for Variable products
  • BUG Fix import for Variable product with 1 attribute
  • ADDED Checkbox to assign attribute to product even if excel cell empty but attribute label exists - this applies for not duplicate attribute values entries in variable products
  • BUG Fix on Export for Variation Description
  • ADDED on Export tax Class, Tax Status

Version 4.4 - 27-08-2020

  • rework import process for product variations
  • add menu_order for import and export

Version 4.3 - 13-08-2020

  • Fix compatibility with wp 5.5 javascript for import

Version 4.2 - 30-07-2020

  • Fixed bug on Update via SKU or ID

Version 4.1 - 20-07-2020

  • Update by SKU,ID or TITLE

Version 4.0 - 20-07-2020

  • Fields automapping feature added

Version 3.8 - 15-04-2020

  • added tax class to import capability
  • added option to import parent product categories / tags or not

Version 3.7 - 09-03-2020

  • added functionality to import simple products with attributes comma separated - 1 row needed for each product
  • fixed wpml import bug
  • fixed special characters for attributes import bug

Version 3.5 - 16/09/19

  • fixed export by sku bug

Version 3.4 - 02/08/19

  • changed export functionality - export directly to .xlsx
  • added chechbox on export 'check all'

Version 3.3 - 30/07/19

  • fix export in chrome
  • check wooCommerce compatibility

Version 3.2 - 04/05/19

  • Added feature to insert always new products to import functionality - even if product title is the same
  • change in import UI

Version 3.1 - 02/05/19

  • Bux fixes on export functionality
    • php warnings eliminated when taxonomies not assigned to products

Version 3 - 13/04/19

  • Bux fixes on import functionality


Version 2 - 10/02/19

  • Import Product Gallery Images comma separated urls
  • Import Upsell Ids, Crosell ids, purchase note, sold individually


Version 1.5 - 17/12/18

  • Bux Fixes
  • Change layout on settings page

Version 1.4 - 17/11/18

  • WP 5.0 Compatibility check

Version 1.3 - 17/04/17

  • Bux Fixes
  • Change layout on settings page

Version 1.3 - 17/04/17

  • Bux Fixes
  • Change layout on settings page

Version 1.2 - 17/01/17

  • Bux Fixes
  • Export functionality added

Version 1.0 - 25/05/16

  • Version 1.0 release
  • Import / Update simple variable products


  • Problem on Import? showing nothing

Different servers have different configurations - make sure PHP Zip Archive Library is enabled

  • Problem on Export? showing nothing

Make sure to increase PHP Memory Limit or / and go to plugins settings page and choose Alternative Export Method

  • How can I insert new products when I have products with the same title?

Check "Always add new Products even if title is the same / will not work for variable products" checkbox.

Bare in mind that having products with same title means that if you will need later to update the products, this will need to be done based on product ID

  • How to import Simple Products with Attributes

Now, you can import Simple Products with multiple attributes, comma separated. This mean you need only one row for each product, one cell for each attribute, with the values comma separated. Prerequisite for this is to tick the box Create Attributes (if Any) ONLY, Not Variations

This saves time and import products much faster.

  • How to automap excel columns with product fields?

Excel first row labels should match the product fields naming convention provided by WordPress & WooCommerce. You may find sample of excel file in plugin settings page. Then you can just click automapping checkbox in the mapping screen.

  • I automapped but I prefer to do manually. How to?

You can always uncheck the automapping checkbox if you previously checked it - by default it is disabled

  • Automapping maps excel columns that I do not want to map

Correct, it works this way checking on the Label Name in your excel file. You can either remove columns you do not want to map or rename those unsuded columns to naming different than WordPress - WooCommerce naming convention.

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