In this tutorial of WordPress Product Import Export with Excel for WooCommerce we will demonstrate how to import product categories in WooCommerce Products with excel.

You can assign a whole hierarchical tree of product category terms while importing a product, multiple terms not hierachical or just a single term

How to Import and Assign Product Category Terms to WooCommerce Products with Excel

Add Multiple Category Terms to a Product with Excel

If you wish to import multiple terms:
insert comma separated values in an excel cell,
in the row that insert a specific product like in the image


Add a single Product Category term in a WooCommerce Product

If you wish to import/assign one single product category term to a product while importing with excel:
insert the term value in the excel cell in the row of that product


Add Multiple Category Hierarchical Terms

If you wish to assign a WooCommerce product to a child term , including all the parent terms of this term
enter only the last child term value in the excel cell
in the Mapping screen of our plugin , check a checkbox named “Select Parent Categories as well”
This will import a product and assign it to all terms.


Importing Product Category Terms in WooCommerce Products that are duplicate

If in your business case you are using category terms with same name / value ,
for example , shirts as child term of Women Clothing and shirts again for Men Clothing
in this case when importing the product add the Product category ID in the excel cell to import the correct category to the product.

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